Your Yoga Gym – Yoga workout – Sun Salutation and Warrior One

Its Friday and here is today hot yoga workout! We bring together Sun Salutation B and Warrior one into a fit fitness yoga routine. Grab your mat and get your booty on the floor for some fun!…

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  1. Patrick Pearse Killen

    Ur actually so fit was hoping you’d do on naked

  2. Of all the yoga vids I’ve seen, I feel I will learn the most from you. Your
    energy and overall approach is genuine. Yours is a kind soul :)

  3. u like talking in a sexy voice 😉

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  5. Aravinda Lakshan

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  7. Bikini one

  8. When is the new video come out?

  9. it’s not GAY to do yoga…I do it all the time in my mind

  10. how are you? mmm .. only to ask, I can do these exercises? or are for
    women? or is gay if I do this??

  11. im ready for the bikini workout.

  12. I prefer to watch the yoga girl

  13. Oh but no thank you I enjoy stalk…er ..watching you yeah that’s

  14. You can burn fat just by watching me lol and doing yoga :) The best thing
    to do is google search your yoga gym and you will have me there with you.

  15. I am building up to full yoga workouts cudecalango :)

  16. then you have to watch and subscribe sha7am22. Ghost and yoga go together
    well .lol jking thanks for watching :)

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    Loss. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  18. you should post some bikini workout here are some ideas videos for you (
    Paradise – 8 Minute Ab Workout } ( Vacation – Butt and Thigh Workout ) (
    Sand in My Shoes – 8 Minute Leg ) ( 15 Minute Intense Sexy
    Bikini ABS WORKOUT!! TRY IT!! ) i want see with theses viewers and
    subscribers . thanks

  19. hmmn, haunted video story brought me here…amazing woman made me stay, I
    will share with my friends…

  20. Doesn’t matter what she does, she’s hot and wonder Mark E.’s
    filming her..who wouldn’t?

  21. Yes it is the best u will look fantastic on it I wil be wainting for,.

  22. You really want the bikini yoga video dont you lol 😛 soon

  23. Thank you! I am going to do a video about hot yoga but you sweat a lot
    during it. I will explain. :)

  24. Another good yoga video, Jenna. Do you have long arms? Or is it the camera
    angle? What is ‘hot yoga’? Is it different from Hatha Yoga? What’s the
    temperature in your yoga space? Again you look very lovely, Jenna! I’m
    looking forward to your next yoga videos. Have a great weekend! Bye.

  25. SuperParanormalFan

    Thanks for a great new video. My wife looked at me like I was crazy the
    other day when I told her I was doing some yoga on youtube. She did later
    say that she would like to try it too. I must confess that I cant do
    everything on your videos but im trying lol. This 46 year old body of mine
    is going to be sore in the morning Keep up the great work

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