Yoga Sun Salutations – Dancing Warrior

Yoga Sun Salutations – Dancing Warrior brings you Yoga Sun Salutations – Dancing Warrior.



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  1. I just tried this. Holy pain-in-the-thighs!

  2. Anything that can not adapt to the different cultures, is not true. Yoga has adapted to different cultures; it’s alive & changing otherwise it would just be a dead system.

  3. YogaForWeightLossHQ

    awesome job look forward to the next vid

  4. this is my favorite in this series, so strong, varied, and her form is beautiful

  5. love this song! Anyone know what it is?

  6. Loved the moves, but the music didn’t work with it.

  7. This is not sun salutation

  8. healthnut4life48

    Check out these mats….AWESOME!!!


  9. amei!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAMASTE!!!!!!!!!!1

  10. Most excellent Asian lady ****

  11. 很美,如行雲流水一般。^^

  12. Yes, you’re right this is not Sun Salutations. I have this DVD (Yoga Shakti) and I believe this is called "Dancing Warrior One".

  13. This is not Suriya Namaskarum (Sun Salutation), Please do not mislead ppl, however the lady doing exercise here is good in her fitness and if she do the real sun salutation (which include 11 poses), would surely be very good.

  14. As far as I know it is: layo & bushwacka deep south

  15. Great flow. Groovy music (what is that track?) and holy smokes, what a location!

  16. Oh wow, I love this. Great video!

  17. That was beautiful – I loved it. Peace

  18. Congratulations!

    She’s the best I want to do this right now. Very dynamic and flowing…I love it!

  19. Love it !!! I´ll try hard

  20. Lovinnggggggggg ittttt!!!!!! :)

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