Yoga Sun Salutation Routine

Yoga Sun Salutation Routine

This Sun Salutation Sequence is a very invigorating 23-minute yoga routine and a great way to start your day.

Sarah Sutton leads you through a strenuous yoga workout.

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Yoga Sun Salutation Routine

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  1. Well, it is stated clearly at the beginning of the video that it is not for beginners!

  2. paulapaularaejohnson

    great job

  3. TropicalFruiitify


  4. this is not for beginner

  5. this is not for beginner

  6. this is not for beginner

  7. you are great! thank u s much for showing this

  8. Awesome, thanks so much!

  9. good advice on option of flexibility. Thank you so much. I must try this.

  10. its soo HARD!

  11. love this session. I’m in my hotel room working out and finished it up with your yoga session. Thank you.

  12. is it safe to do 5 to 10 hours of yoga each day? cause i do 5 but i always try to go alittle longer, im aiming to 10 Hour Yoga!

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