Yoga Sun Salutation for Beginners

Learn the basic Yoga Sun Salutation flow with me, guided by my favorite Yogini, Gillian. Gillian is a Nutritionist & a Yoga Instructor & heres where you can…

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  1. Seems interesting, but .I did -45 lbs last 1 month.Open

  2. Nah! .I did -10 lbs in one month.Visit

  3. Wow! .I did -20 lbs past 2 month.More here

  4. Hi. I’m 15 years old. It’s my first yoga!!!
    I love it! Thank you Leyla from Japan!!!

  5. Wow! .I did -10 lbs last 2 weeks.More here

  6. Hi! I’m Courtney.I did -35 lbs in 1 month.Open

  7. U doing the sun salutation a little different sweety. I!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this video! I love it.
    I don’t want to sound mean but I was wondering if you guys could tie your hair up in the next one ? It’s a little distracting.):

  9. Very well done girls x big fan leyla xx

  10. Machiavelic Felicity

    Hey Leyla ! 😀 Thanks to you I have been introduced to Dancing with Julianne and also Tara Stiles Dvds, they have been a great help and i’m also enjoying your own yoga videos too 😀
    Can you suggest another dance dvd that you enjoy? I remember you said that you don’t enjoy cardio and so do I but i love dancing like you do 😀 so it would be great if you can suggest me other workout than Julianne’s that you like :)

  11. that’s really mean

  12. Great great lesson Leyla! Thanks for sharing and allow everyone to get close, open and start practising yoga! :) <3

  13. she rocks!

  14. great idea!!! :)

  15. I can totally relate lol your hair looked great as usual nonetheless 😉
    Keep up the videos beautiful, you’re a huge inspiration to me and the healthy lifestyle that I am trying to build for myself <3

  16. Loved this :) keep doing more!

  17. BigBeautyEffects57

    VIDEO UP ♥ Hey you guys! I just started my channel a few weeks ago and have a few videos up! You should check them out if you have the chance! It means the world o me everytime I see a subscribe and a comment! When other beauty gurus said Youtube was the best thing that happened to them, they meant it! I know it was for me! I feel amazing when I see my channel growing so please watch when you get a chance! :) BigBeautyEffects57 ^.^

  18. Leyla, it helps to to put your hair back while practicing yoga, you lose so much concentration and focus on breathing when trying to fold hair behind the ear while being in a pose every few seconds. It should be you, your breath, and your body. Nothing else distracting.

  19. sun salutation will strengthen your muscles but I highly doubt it will benefit weight loss.

  20. Would this help me lose weight?

  21. I really like your yoga videos. their very helpful. thank for sharing with us.:)

  22. I love you and you’re sister !

  23. Aww, that’s so sweet.. I’m honored! <3

  24. I’m naturally flexible, but anybody can work on their flexibility, through practice & patience, and your body will get there :)

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