Yoga Pose: Sun Salutation

Yoga Pose: Sun Salutation – Check out this video and other great “green living” resources on


Yoga Pose: Sun Salutation

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  1. Azriel Mykel El

    very well said young jedi

  2. Actually this has no flow at all: Nothing of the smooth and natural moves between the postures. Check out the traditional sun salutation and compare. This is rather kind of new age gymnastics.

  3. Great Surya Namaskar, many videos show less advanced version or so it seems… thanks for sharing!

  4. Shareen Woodford

    Agreed: Beautiful flow & flexibility

  5. that booty is just poised and ready. Sheeei, my exgirlfriend did yoga too. Amazing booty power. Keep it up girls :)

  6. Omg i love her posture. Amazingly graceful, almost panther-like. Ive been practising. Hope to achieve that one day. 😉

  7. Christina here isn’t particularly smart, but she does have a great rack…

  8. Julia Van Etten

    lovely flow, thanks for sharing this. very helpful as a newer practitioner.

  9. AnthonyPaulRicketts

    She is a very beautiful lady !!!!!!!

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