Yoga For Your Moods Sun Salutations

Yoga For Your Moods Sun Salutations

The best way to get a quick burst of energy throughout the day is do a set of “Sun Salutations.” Carolyn explains the proper technique and demonstrates this fundamental pose.

Includes actual excerpts from the DVD.


Yoga For Your Moods Sun Salutations

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  1. This is EXACTLY Sun Salutation, just because she is doing one side doesn’t mean it’s not Sun Salutation.

  2. It is almost the exact Sun Salutation that I know. Don’t act like you know everything. There are a lot of types of yoga and lots of variations on the poses. If you don’t like the video, don’t watch it. That simple.

  3. This is the farest version from the Sun Salutation which I know. I would not call experts who meet only this version of the SS. They can be experts in editing but not in yoga. SS has aims and causes on different levels. This version doesn’t seem even to attempt to reach them or to know about them.

  4. so far the best one on youtube, except could you possibly re-do the video with subtitles for the hearing impaired like myself and others? thnx

  5. Cool. Short and to the point.