What are Surya Namaskars

What are Surya Namaskars ?




Surya Namaskars are a series of exercises.  Literally translated Surya Namaskar mean SunPrayers (Surya=Sun  and  Namaskar = Prayers or Salutations).

Learn more about Surya Namaskars below.

Space and Equipment

Surya Namaskars are very simple exercises requiring no equipment whatsoever, and very little space.   A bare minimum of 3 feet by 8 feet are adequate to do Surya Namaskars.

Time Needed

To complete one round of Surya Namaskars – only 5 to 6 minutes are needed.

Who can benefit – Any age restrictions ?

At any age, one can gain the benefits of Surya Namaskar.  Men and Women both benefit equally from Surya Namaskars.   Vitality and beauty at any age can be achieved by performing Surya Namaskars regularly.



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