Surya Namaskara in Yoga, Sun Salutation A with Kino MacGregor in Myanmar

Surya Namaskara in Yoga, Sun Salutation A with Kino MacGregor in Myanmar A short easy demo of five rounds of Sun Salutation A, starting with walking back and forward and building up to jumping back and forward. Set in beautiful Bagan, Myanmar (Burma).

I love the birds chriping the in background! Keywords Kino Yoga Ashtanga Surya Namaskara “Sun Salutation” Vinyasa Power Core Jump “Up dog” “downward dog” Breath Myanmar Breath Beginner Power Flow



Surya Namaskara in Yoga, Sun Salutation A with Kino MacGregor in Myanmar

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  1. You can do either :-) But the hop is certainly easier than the press up!

  2. Hi Kino, beautiful practice! Is the "jump" back traditionally "hopping" into a semi pike position then floating back into chutterunga as opposed to pressing into a pike and floating back into chutterunga? I noticed more of a hop from forward fold into pike in your video. Thanks!

  3. Thank you! So happy to hear that :-) And of course, keep practicing !!

  4. Kino, one of my yoga teachers (I’m in Santa Cruz, CA) has taken workshops with you and pointed me in your direction to show the possibilities of yoga, especially through a dedicated practice ("practice, practice, practice…..and all is coming") and I must say, I’m definitely enjoying your instructions and demos. Quite excellent. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful as always ^O^^O^

  6. Thanks! This is awesome!

  7. human body can be so beautiful

  8. That has to do with the breath, be sure that you’re using the full breath with sound and experiening your full lung capacity.

  9. joannalinxuebing

    such a beautiful Sun Salutation in youtube. i have noticed the movement of your lower ribs while you’re performing the downward facing dog. i have videoed myself and i found i couldnt do that. would you please teach me? thank you so much

  10. I love Kino MacGregor. 

  11. Marcus Greenwood

    Certainly the most INSPIRING one that I have being following on YOUTUBE. namaste!!

  12. ObsessedWithNailArt

    Thanks kino :)

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