Surya Namaskar – Baba Ramdev

Surya Namaskar – Baba Ramdev







Surya Namaskar – Baba Ramdev

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  1. Mast

  2. If you seriously want to burn fat, you should do a google search
    Skinnimaker System. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  3. Glory be to GOD, who created the Universe and is constantly expanding it.

    He enjoined kindness to parents, charity to orphans and the elderly.

    Don’t worship the sun. GOD created the sun, and gave it a certain duration
    for its existence. After that the Sun is dead!

    My people, worship GOD, you have no GOD but him.

    He is the Ever Living, Protector and sustainer of all that exists.

    Neither sleep nor slumber overtaketh him.

    He made the Sun subservient to man, providing him warmth and he made the
    moon subservient to man, so that he may know the count of months.

    He made the oceans submit to man, so that you may travel it it and eat
    fresh fish from it.

    All Praises be to GOD, the cherisher and sustainer of the Universe and the

  4. You’re all wrong. There is no right or wrong for yoga, its all about
    balance. Yoga was once invented. As was everything. Nothing is no this
    way or that way, only the way you all choose follow. Never forget, that
    everything had to once be invented through means of trial and error,
    practice, consideration, intuition and failure.

  5. alagurajan alagurajan

    very usefull….

  6. ramdev baba is the real indian.

  7. This is so funny,can’nt stop laughing.Cann’t believe people are still
    following this charlatan.Wake up India

  8. omg … this is so insanely unbelievable … not only are the postures
    wrong but also injurious to the body esp to the knee … also he has
    skipped several postures in this pranayam (that totally consists of 12
    postures) … what’s worse is so many people follow him blindly (esp the
    aged people)

  9. Supap

  10. very useful video on surya namaskar 

  11. Dusmanta Kumar Chakra
  12. owesome

  13. it balance the life .

  14. there are better videos of suryanamaskar on youtube. i’m surprised this guy
    is a yoga legend, he can’t even do some of the basic stretches right.

  15. Why Is he back on his belly when he does so much of yoga? Just asking. Cuz
    I have taken up yoga to lose weight ..

  16. Yours many millions thanx baba ramdev ji , u have given life to many
    diseased persons , u r real guru , u hv givn swasthya daan , and vo bhi
    bilkul free thank u

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