Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation register for the yoga challenge. Try these 7 rounds of Surya Namaskar Salutations to start the New Year- Jan. 2010, and the first video for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Practice this and then follow along with Transform Your Life with Yoga for beginners DVD for the next week.

The next video will be posted in 1 week… filmed on the magestic cliffs of Muir Beach, CA, USA. Love and Light, Namaste* Dashama is a transformational life coach and teaches private and group yoga classes in Santa Monica, Malibu, CA around the USA and internationally.



Sun Salutation

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  1. TheHarmoniousPath

    Thank you so much for sharing your light with all of us Dashama! As a beginner, I’m finding your videos to be very helpful however, the Sun Salutations go pretty fast for a beginner and are harder to follow. Do you have an alternate version for beginners?

  2. she can doo what ever she want,shes not body,but energy,think in that way,namaste!

  3. Love your trousers! And what an arch!! I would break in two…!

  4. Yoga in high heeled boots? This is ridiculous. Could break an ankle.

  5. the golden gate bridge is the #1 suicide place in the world

  6. It would be a shame if you did not melt fat when other normal people do it easily using Fat Blast Blueprint (search for it on google).

  7. but like, how is she so flexible. clearly, i have not been living correctly without yoga. o_O

  8. you’re actually in marin. just saying.

  9. LOL! I was about to write something about that! Ridiculous.

  10. look at her shoes… lol

  11. CzechFitnessGirl

    very nice video!

  12. Those were my exact words. Oh my fking gosh.

  13. Ahh you go so quickly! I’m a beginner, but I’m sure that with enough practice I’ll catch up more easily (:

  14. I confirm that you are the moust beutiful girl in the world

  15. you cant do any yoga pose on the bare land…omg this video is shocking its against all the minute information i’ve learnt…a) you can wear shoes b) you cant do it in the bare land, u need a mat or at least a cloth to cover the ground…please correct these i am only a amateur but you should know all these right?

  16. Jayantha Fernando

    hi I’m Nishan,i need to ask questions please sand your e-mail address


  18. HAHAHA! great shoes to practice yoga;D

  19. The only downside to this video is that she sped it up for rounds 2-7. For beginners like me there simply isn’t enough time to switch positions to keep up with the video, which kind of takes awa from the quality of this instruction. Otherwise it was fine. :)

  20. That’s great video!! The best Sun Salutation I could find on YouTube. Thank you so much,

  21. Beautiful! but why are you wearing high heels???? :/

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