Sun Salutations with Tara Stiles

Sun Salutations with Tara Stiles

Try these sun salutations to connect your entire body and calm your mind.

Deep breaths and have fun!



Sun Salutations with Tara Stiles

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  1. Dear Tara
    Is there a specific exercise I can do to be able to put my heels down on the flor doing the downward dog?
    I started with your app exercise routines last week but I wonder if I do something wrong.
    Thank you so much

  2. Amazing! This is totally different from what we learnt as sun salutations in India…fundamentally because the 12 poses have to be performed within 5 breaths!

    But who is to say what is right and wrong?

  3. sweet comment:)

  4. Thank you Tara ! Enjoyed that workout after my run :)

  5. Thank you Tara ! Enjoyed that workout after my run :)

  6. This is the best one yet! Wakes you up more than CAFFEINE!

  7. Wonderful! Thankyou.

  8. RecetasTrucosyTips

    VERY GOOD!!! congratulations Tara :)

  9. Thankyou!

  10. Tihihi, good one. I think the idea is that the toes are facing straight forward, so the feet are orthogonal to the body. She’s a little on the fast side, sometimes.

  11. Thank you, I like the little variations! i get tired of doing the same ol’ sun salutations.

  12. clever, but this is about foot positioning, I believe. The alternatives are heels pointed out (toes in) or heels in (toes pointed out). Heels behind toes = feet pointed straight forward.

  13. wow!! 80 minute of yoga ? Are u following any DVD, wud u like to share ?

  14. P.S. You are great! Thanks for the awesome videos! Day 13 of 80 minutes of Yoga! I’m unstoppable thanks to you! X

  15. "Heels right behind your toes…"

    What the heck. What’s the alternative?

  16. You Rock Tara!

  17. pause at 1:43 shes planking = ] lmfao 

  18. Awesome Tara! Your ease and grace is so beautiful : )

  19. Thank you :)

  20. Thank you Tara for all the work you do to bring these great routines to us out in YouTube land!! Just letting you know that we appreciate all that you do for us!! Thanks :) xo

  21. great

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