Sun Salutation, Yoga with Esther Ekhart

Sun Salutation, Yoga with Esther Ekhart The Sun Salutation is a basic flow in yoga. Great to start your day with or to warm up your body before you start your yoga practice. This is “Sun salutation, Yoga with Esther Ekhart”.

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Sun Salutation, Yoga with Esther Ekhart

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  1. Thank you Esther ! just what i needed.

  2. Syar FinntheHuman

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  3. Carolina Alegre Garcia

    Excellent video….te descubrí hace poco, pero soy una gran seguidora…
    Por favor, seguir asi!! Gracias, Thanks

  4. I just started yoga at school, where it’s one on one. My teacher advised me to look at Sun Salutations on YouTube. This is the first one I’ve looked at. Thanks for showing the world how great Yoginis are!!! :)

  5. do you do this with closed eyes or open?

  6. I did yesterday 5 times and have sore muscles today…unbelievable..

  7. Congratulations for your beautiful work Esther… And Simply: Thank You For BEING! 😉

  8. NonamesAvailable33

    Thank you. You’re voice is lovely too:)

  9. NonamesAvailable33

    Thank you. You’re voice is lovely too:)

  10. brilliant… I shall begin today !

  11. thank you so much <3

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  13. I find Esther really relaxing have been following only for a short while but already feel the benefits of inner calm am

  14. This video is wonderful! Thank you so much :)

  15. Man, I just found your videos. I’ve never done yoga before. I just want to say that you are a very good teacher and that you have an amazingly relaxing aura!! Thanks!

  16. lovely video, really love it!!! :)

  17. Thank you for this lovely video!

  18. love it! I could listen to your voice all day!

  19. I liked her presentation. It inspired me to do this daily. Her voice was meditative, easy, encouraging and thus inspiring. Thank you!

  20. very nice it thnx :*

  21. My mother and I just did this, thank you so much for a great video!

  22. Thanks Esther, you explain the series really well, have done your moon and sun salutations, great for getting me back into yoga again after too long a break. Ann

  23. thanks Esther, I am just beginning to learn, your videos are wonderful

  24. Thanks for this ci

  25. Your videos are so helpfull for me! Thanks a lot! I am a graduate student in physics and I have to relax a lot!

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