Sun Salutation with Surya Mantras

Sun Salutation with Surya Mantras

Practice Surya Namaskar and listen to powerful Surya Mantras, geared to increase the sun energy in you: courage, self confidence and inner light. More infos:…




Sun Salutation with Surya Mantras

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  1. "Om ravaye namah" is nessesary between "Om Mitraya Namaha" and "Om Suryaya Namaha"?

    Thank you for great video!

  2. brava e bella !!

  3. There are a few little difference between this and the one which I know. Should the sole flat on the ground? Don’t you lie down in shavasana after the SS? I doub’t that SS with sun-mantras are for begginers.

    These postures generat
    the subtle energy,
    which activates the psychic body.
    Their performance in a Steady, Rhythmic sequence reflects
    the Rhythms of the Universe,
    such as the twenty-four hour of the day,
    the twelve zodiac phase of the year and
    the biorhythms of our own body.

  5. YogaVidyaEnglish

    Here you have the text of the Surya Namaskara Mantras:
    Om Mitraya Namaha
    Om Suryaya Namaha
    Om Bhanave Namaha
    Om Pushne Namaha
    Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha
    Om Marichaye Namaha
    Om Adityaya Namaha
    Om Savitre Namaha
    Om Arkaya Namaha
    Om Bhaskaraya Namaha

  6. great video for meditation ! I want to learn it from you .I think that Surya Mantra means ( surya = sun, mantra = veda = knowledge ) . Thank you for sharing .

  7. I love yoga

  8. beautiful…very interesting..i have never watched anyone doing yoga and have live chant at the same time…it seems like a wonderful experience…
    maybe one day i can find someone to chant and do yoga with

  9. The background chanting is from Yogi Hari, who has an Ashram in Florida. CDs of Yogi hari are available on his website (search for "Yogi Hari").

  10. Thank you for sharing with me. This is nice.

  11. That is beautiful. Who is doing the sound track chanting?

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