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  1. Cat win!

  2. I like how the Cat went up the curtin lol

  3. Love you workouts….even being pregnant, I can still do them! Thanks Melissa, and keep it up :)

  4. I’m sorry you have creepers making comments! On another note….I don’t particularly care for yoga but this made me hurt for a couple days (shoulders mostly).

  5. oh you have two kitties?! so cute. and awesome workout!

  6. AsYouWishButtercup

    I started with Zuzka and she helped me a lot but Melissa`s workouts have really transformed my body to a level beyond my expectations. Thank you for your diverse workouts Melissa! You and Jesse are amazing!

  7. MrTroller MrTtoller

    Миллиса у тебя вилеколепные сиськи!!!!

  8. Your sweating is extremely hot!Tell please your boyfriend to try some closer views…

  9. New Subbie!! Thanks!

  10. This looks amazing:) cant wait to try it! I have a question melissa hope you will answer it. I just finished doing turbo fire and lost alot of weight but my tummy is still flabby:/ what do you recommend i do cardio or strength training to help get rid of that extra fat?
    Thanks so much!

  11. This was such an amazing workout!!! Melissa you are the best!

  12. Amazing workout! Will try it this week. You look great. Thanks

  13. I haven’t forgotten.

  14. Love the different varieties of workouts. Gives me ideas for my own. Thankyou Melissa Bender

  15. Each dumbbell weights 20 lbs. You can use whatever weight works for you. 

  16. Thank you very much! We will be filming in a new location starting in August. :)

  17. Great workout, and you look amazing!!

  18. Good workout and gratz on 12k subs! Whats best about these is they dont look fake and they do the whole workout so we can follow along, not skipping parts. I wanna see you become the #1 fitness channel – my advice is its too dark, theres a reason TV studios are brightly lit you need as many light sources as you can to bring it to life without being glaringly bright. Obviously you do this at home but its a serious thing, right? A few full length mirrors on the wall behind you would help lighting.

  19. What amount of weight is that?

  20. …. Making sure to eat the right amount of protein ( I supplement with whey) . Hope this helps

  21. As for DOMS (delayed muscle soreness) I used to have the same problem for many years. Three things helped me: making sure to warm up with dynamic movements, no static stretches until cool down. Second, yoga/Pilates the day after weights and/or cardio. Third, understanding that muscles need protein to feed and repair, and

  22. Wow… you are so awesome !!!
    So sexy in sweat !

  23. Mr Bender… your a lucky guy! … on another note, another good workout… i try to recommend most of my female clientele to follow your blog when they arent involved in our boot camps.

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