Sun Salutation – Classic

Sun Salutation – Classic

Practice sun salutation, surya namaskar, a Yoga practice for flexibility, strength and balance. 12 flowing movements help to increase energy and make you shine with joy.

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Sun Salutation – Classic

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  1. Hello, Great helpfull Vedio, !!!

    I have done Gym for very long time, due to my busy schedule I am not able to carry same from fast approx 5 year. now I have put on the weight and have turned shapeless. 1) I want to redue my weight. 2) Help me with schedule of yoga excercise ex. in gym with had monday for chest and biceipt, tuesday for back and legs etc…

  2. Dr Marilyn Joyce

    This video is excellent for helping people to get started with the correct sequence of movements in the Sun Salutation, including the breathing. I teach 5-minute healthy strategies for transforming stress into energy, so I’m happy to have found this video to forward on to my patients and clients. It is the perfect length for them, with the easy to follow directions. Thank you for creating this valuable resource.

  3. Thank you.

  4. YogaVidyaEnglish

    Most teachers I know teach Sun Salutations in a flowing movement. Sun Salutation is letting the energies flow and is good for blood circulation, heart and lungs. There might some therapeutic reason for adding Shashankashana inbetween – but I have never practiced it. Your teacher should know :-)

  5. Great vdo!

    Had a question… my teacher has taught me 12 steps with two rounds of Shashankashana in between. They informed that it’s part of a therapeutic yoga practice. Can you tell me if you know the advantages of having Shashankashana in Sun Salutation.

  6. : Thank you.

  7. YogaVidyaEnglish

    The instructions are fine. In later years Swami Vishnu-devananda, my teacher, taught it the way you find it in this Video. But there are always different ways to do the Yoga practices.
    In the Email you also asked, how many rounds you should do: Normally you do 6 double-rounds, meaning 12 single rounds.
    The other question you had: How long Shavasana/Relaxation afterwards: Usually you stay in Shavasana for 5-12 breaths. Advanced students can go immediately to abdominal exercises.

  8. Hello, please see you inbox for a more detail inquiry. In advance, are the instructions in the Complete Illustrated Book of yoga by Vishnu Devananda wrong…or just updated. Thanks.

  9. also try to do the movements as smooth as possible for your physical condition

  10. YogaVidyaEnglish

    You can practice slower or faster. In the Video you see the "medium speed", which is suitable for most intermediate Yoga practitioners.

  11. is their a certain speed in which you should practice it?

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