Sun Salutation A – Surya Namaskara A

Learn Sun Salutation A (or Surya Namaskara A) in this free yoga video with Adriene. Sun Salutation is a great warm up for the whole body that is typically pr…

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  1. Yoga With Adriene

    Hi Jasmine! Lately I have been playing with the visual of going up and over a hurdle in the center of my mat as I step up. Not only does it really check in with your center but it keeps the body engaged. Imagine a rainbow arc- moving up and over as you step up – rather that a straight line into home base. Practice this way and in time you will notice more ease – but also be prepared to take as many steps up as needed. Each day will be different. Check out the hurdles in the Yoga for weight vid!!

  2. I have difficulty moving from downward dog to runner’s lunge. my foot can’t quite get in between my hands. do you have any tips?

  3. Yoga With Adriene

    thank you. namaste!

  4. Beautiful demonstration of Salutation A.

  5. Yoga With Adriene

    Olivia! Thank you! I send love back to you and lets count on me coming to the Bay area and our meeting. Namaste!!!

  6. Yoga With Adriene

    Thanks dear! This song is called House Of Winston and it is not released yet! <3 <3

  7. Just started following you and I absolutely Love your Yoga videos :) Thank you…
    Also…been trying to find the song that plays at the end. Which song is it by Shakey Graves?

  8. Yoga With Adriene

    All music to my ears my dear! Thank you! Keep returning to your mat for discovery! Your body won’t let you down! <3 <3 <3

  9. Yoga With Adriene

    Yes, this song is by Shakey Graves. Look him up. He is near and dear to me. And gettin’ famous! Love from Texas.

  10. I’m from Brazil, and I’m really enjoyng the videos, they are helping me a lot, tks for that! By the way, what a song! I looked but I could’nt find, it’s from who?

  11. So many respectable comments and I just want to say I want to lick your body! shameee

  12. Yoga With Adriene

    Yes! Kids Yoga videos are to come! Got some great kiddos lined up to be awesome guests! Cannot wait! And I will check out your channel! Thanks!

  13. Yoga With Adriene

    Hi there and thank you for the note! Great to hear and I sure do appreciate it! Go deeper, I love it! ~namaste

  14. Hi Adriene, I found out about your videos from Reddit. Someone had posted your vids on the Yoga page on Reddit and I decided to check them out. I’ve been practicing hot yoga since November 2012 and I still find your videos very helpful. I started yoga without much guidance regarding form. However, your videos helped me have a better in depth knowledge of each pose since I wasn’t properly guided in the beginning. Thanks again for all the vids!

  15. Yoga With Adriene

    Thank you my friend! Yes, moon is on the way along with another gentle night time sequence. Stay tuned lots of content coming your way sooooon. Thank you xx

  16. Hello. How are you? I am practicing yoga about a year now and I feel great. What is also great are your videos. I just love them. Must say that you are an awesome teacher and funny one too :) I just love your sun salutation I am doing it every day :) But I do have a request – could you do a video on moon salutation? Thank you.

  17. Yoga With Adriene

    I’m there! 😉 (dreaming big here! spreading the love far and wide!)

  18. Yoga With Adriene

    Thanks so much!!! I appreciate the feedback and I look forward to more videos too! :-)

  19. I just found your videos today, and they’re great! I absolutely love your focus on moving in an organic way rather than just trying to fit into a certain "pose." Your approach to yoga reminds me of Tara Stiles’ approach along with Sadie Nardini’s style. I’m so happy to have found your channel and looking forward to more videos!

  20. Gabriela Castillo Raga

    I live in Chile :)

  21. Yoga With Adriene

    Where do you live? Hopefully I will be traveling in 2014! :)

  22. Yoga With Adriene

    Thank you! Thank you! Yes, a lengthy summer shape up on the way to get the body and MIND into shape to work for us rather than against us! This way we can have the summer we always dreamed of! Thank you! xx A

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