Sun Salutation #1 – Fitsugar Yoga Primer

Sun Salutation #1 – Fitsugar Yoga Primer Sun Salutations FitSugar Yoga Video


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  1. marianguitarchick1

    You’d be surprised. My yoga teacher encourages a little jump for a couple of different poses. If you have the energy…if not, then just step. Also, check out "Nakrasana" for the fun of it. :)

  2. What floatinglandscape said is the best way for health and not hurting yourself.

  3. there are many different variations on the basic sun salutation — one way is not necessarily wrong or right from the others.

  4. nice video, good explanation. seems like i’ve done it slightly wrong for years, lol. thanx!

  5. I liked all the arrows and tips, but jumping? Yoga isn’t olympics!

  6. floatinglandscape

    The jump is not so important what matters is to work deeply muscles and joints, personally I preffer to move with a tai chi flow like pace rather than breaking, try to feel the energy flowing through my body when I do it.

  7. i tried that jumping back part…i damn near killed myself

  8. I like. It smple video, short and large at same time.

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