Yoga – Sun Salutations – A Free Yoga Practice

Yoga – Sun Salutations – A Free Yoga Practice The Sun Salutation Pose, also known as Salute to the Sun and Surya Namaskar, is a flowing series of 12 poses which help improve strength and flexibility of the muscles and spinal column. This pose also warms up the body and tones the abdominal muscles. Learn how to perform the ... Read More »

Shiva Rea Yoga Sun Salutation

Shiva Rea Yoga Sun Salutation Free Weekly Wisdom. Visit From Sun Salutations: Yogas sun salutations are among the most refined and effective movement meditations for health and well-being ever created. Originally practiced to connect to the suns vitality—this precise combination of forward bends, backbends, and inversions awakens the breath and promotes circulation and inner balance through the flow ... Read More »

Explanatory Surya Namaskara A

Explanatory Surya Namaskara A Detailed instruction for Ashtanga beginners on Surya Namaskara, or Sun Salutation A, by Luke Jordan. For more see Explanatory Surya Namaskara A Read More »

Salute the Sun Easily!

Salute the Sun Easily! A very short, friendly and down to earth quick tutorial for basic Sun Salutation. This tutorial was originally made for one of my online buddies, Nick Schmidt. He wanted to do yoga and I decided to make this quick tutorial. It was never meant to be a totally serious, hard core yoga teaching, as how much ... Read More »