Ninja Salutations

Ninja Salutations

A new way to unleash your secret inner power in yoga by using your Spiral Line muscle meridian (obliques and others) within every yoga pose!

This is a special Sun Salutation created by Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga who is also studying to become a Ninja at the Muzoza Dojo in New York City!



Ninja Salutations

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  1. This is exactly what I need to add to my practice, I have done yoga for so long but still ain’t able to get my heels to the ground when doing standing dog.

  2. Shamsudin Jalaludin

    i try to do this at home :)

  3. Gayatri Yogacharya

    Luv u saddie for giving such effective sequences and change my life

  4. Girls, if you want to look beautiful – use the program from the site Retrieved on personal experience!

  5. Great variation. It really brings my mind back into the process– in a good way, for discipline. Also builds subtle muscle support for my hamstrings, which is good, as the sports i do require strong, explosive legs.

    Your lessons are consistently professional, and there is an undeniable quality to you teaching– Thanks!

    (I don’t think my teacher would mind if i cheated on her once in a while with your lessons… so i’ll be back.)

  6. A bit difficult to follow if you’re not as flexible…

  7. You know, the Wii. And Wii Fit? There you can do yoga. There things you would have to leave a message and do.

  8. ur the Bomb…

  9. So great. I’m excited to share with my students this weekend. I had a dream last night where I was at your workshop, we were practice back flips and Cee Lo was there for the dance portion. Also great, although not as useful. Thanks!

  10. @TheLatitudes: Gracias!

  11. : Thanks!! Practice makes Ninja! :)

  12. @Crudshifter: I’m doing a blend of many, but Ninjutsu would be the Ninja arts. I would like to take it as far as I can, so we will see;) It’s a really nice physical and energetic compliment to the yoga.


  13. What kind of martial arts training are you doing? Are you aiming to take it as far as you’ve come with yoga? I ask because I’m a keen martial artist turned yogi but I’m very interested to see how that works going the other way!

  14. Nice background!

  15. Daniel Pieczanski

    Excelent, una maravillosa secuencia.Sadie eres una profesora de Yoga de las mejores!!!!!

  16. fantastic, Sadie!!!

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