Hip Opening Sun Salutation, Yoga

Hip Opening Sun Salutation, Yoga

http:www.EkhartYoga.com This sun salutation is a great hip opener. The sun salutation is a great yoga pose for beginners. Please subscribe to my channel he…




Hip Opening Sun Salutation, Yoga

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  1. thanks so much! I love your videos, so helpful.

  2. xxbeautybabesxx

    just watching this i can tell it will make my hips feel better :) Thanks for another great video!!

  3. Cool nice thanx for the info :)

  4. It is normal to have a certain amount of muscle pain as you get used to a new form of exercise.You have to remember that yoga helps you work muscles you haven’t exercised much before.But it shouldn’t be too severe.Just make sure you’re not pushing yourself too much to begin with.The thing with yoga is that it is very personal.Only go as far as you can in each pose.You should feel it,but without pain.Respect your limits.With practise those limits will extend naturally. Good luck. :)

  5. Samantha McNamara

    Your instruction is approachable and suited to all levels. Love it.

  6. Thanks again Yogatic :)

  7. I’m been practicing for around 13 years and am still not so flexible. I like using straps to benefit from every pose as a flexie would. lol.
    I really love this sequence Esther! Cool how you can incorporate the squat in transitioning to down dog!! I am a little slower myself cause I just enjoy staying in squat!! :)

  8. is it normal that i have muscle pain? i just started this is my third day

  9. yay, this one has sound! lol

  10. excellent video- Thanks much

  11. WonderlandMakeup

    Did you get your amazing flexibility from doing Yoga? I love Yoga, but I have to stick with the less advance poses, because I am not flexible at all! How you can come straight down and touch the floor without bending your knees is like my dream! Haha. :)

  12. yaaay.. i can hear the sound on both speakers now!
    thanks for reuploading it!! 😀

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