Detailed Sun Salutation Instructions – Part 1

Detailed Sun Salutation Instructions – Part 1

Detailed instruction on how to do the Serenity Yoga Sun Salutation, with specifics on the movements, safety tips, modifications and breathing. Presented by the founder of Serenity Yoga, Corinne Friesen.

This is Part 1 of 2 parts. Goes with Part 2, and also with the Sun Salutation Tips & the Musical Sun Salutation videos. Join us on: Facebook: “Yoga without Duct Tape” Page Twitter: @YogaSnacks


Detailed Sun Salutation Instructions – Part 1

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  1. Thanks so so so much for this

  2. Your bum?

  3. Great video but someone please fix the Yoga mat!!!!

  4. @foreverneverO7 (cont) Also back bends like Camel, Cobra and the back bend in the Wood chopper can be hard on your back. The first sign is a feeling of pressure in your lower back as you bend backwards. The keys are to keep your spine well extended, and don’t go back any so far that you feel that pressure. The camel is especially difficult in this way. Maybe go to my website, Audio Yoga. Under poses, look up Camel and see the tips for making that gentler on your back.

  5. Hi again. It’s hard to give an exact answer without seeing you do the poses, but there are a couple of places where these could be giving you trouble.
    First, standing forward bends can be very hard on your back, especially if you already have a weak back or pre-existing back injuries. In that case, it’s important to keep your knees bent as you go into the bend. Also, keep your arms reaching and your back straight as you go down. (more in next post…)

  6. Better to drink the water after. The less you have in your stomach while you stretch, the better. But, if it’s really hot, keep water handy – if you’re sweating a lot and feel thirsty, then do drink. :)

  7. nice to see a real person doing yoga in a video…lol makes us other normals feel better, I think. We don’t have to feel like we have to end up looking like the typical, skinny, young "yoga" chick… Thank you for the simple instructions! Should help get my husband started!

  8. Those fish net stockings she has on are VERY SEXY…Mmmmmm

  9. i am 17 years old…can i do this yoga??…and does this yoga help in gaining height??…

  10. I really appreciate your videos! Beginners need to HEAR clear descriptive instruction, as well as see it. I have many Yoga videos and always end up out of flow and position cranking my head to see the TV screen. Wish you had a DVD! Any more tios for bringing the foot up between the hands from DW Dog would also be wonderful. Thank you for this work.

  11. This is so great! Thank you! I am alone here in Oklahoma in the middle of winter and this is JUST what I needed — easy, gentle yoga designed for me, someone who is overweight and out of shape and needs to get stronger and better. Thank you sooo much!!! I will make this a weekly habit!

  12. Good video! :)

  13. Unlocking the knees keeps the legs, hips, lower back and spine from holding extra tension / stress. Many yoga schools ask you to lock your knees to secure your stance and engage the muscles. Your stance is secure so long as your knees are straight (but not tight). There are other ways of engaging the muscles without adding tension to the body. It can take some time to understand how to do that, so we learn that detail as the Serenity Yoga program progresses.

  14. thank you for a gentle alternative. And precise instruction.

    May I please ask why you state to ‘unlock’ the knees??

    Thank you

  15. Right, pushing through spread fingers promotes serotonin and also takes pressure off the wrists. Think of it as extending the weight since you avoid the word pushing.

  16. right which is why you would drop to your knees and then squeeze the arms in. This also strengthens the back and protects the lower back.

  17. Yes, lowering into Plank is demanding. This is the Serenity Yoga version that sweeps through Plank directly into ‘Cobra / Upward Dog’. So we don’t do Plank per se. Bending the knees is an option until the shoulders are strong enough. When people can’t do this action, they also can’t do the 90 degree angle arm movement into Plank, and we’re not doing the full Plank anyway.

  18. And thank you for adding the detail about spreading the fingers. This can be helpful. In Serenity Yoga, we avoid the concepts of pushing, though, as it tightens the entire body and makes it less flexible overall.

  19. Lowering the groin to the ground from a plank is EXTREMELY hard on shoulders. I reccommend dropping to the knees first, and also bending the elbows in at 90degree angle to the side body, to build strength in the arms to prepare for upward dog/low plank one day.
    ALSO it is EXTREMELY important that the fingers be spread wide and the face relaxed, neither of which this video shows. The fingers spread wide and index and thumb pushing especially, takes pressure of the wrists.

  20. i would…

  21. You date young black men?

    Holla @ me.

  22. You’re very welcome. And thanks for the great feedback. I’m happy to hear that you and your husband are finding the instruction helpful and that it’s encouraging you to work yoga into your health regime. :) Yoga is such a wonderful mind-body ‘treat’, isn’t it.

  23. Wanted to add…
    Your video is not a ‘look what I can do’, or ‘look how sexy I am’, or over-hyped with backrounds, etc.
    It’s Yoga, simple and precise, with great instruction.
    It’s also great that you do the excercise first, to know what to prepare for, then do it again and break it down for others to follow along.
    Thanks again for sharing your video on youtube. :)

  24. My Husband and I are in our mid 40’s and we are wanting to start a wellness program for ourselves to include diet, excercise, and yoga. Your video is broken down expertly, We’ve looked at many videos and yours is slow enough to follow along without pausing the video. Great job!

  25. And love and vibrant health to you. :) I know breathing is a big problem with yoga so I try to make it clear in my videos. I hope my note, above, helps make the breathing even more clear. All the best to you for your practice!

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