"Dance for the Sun" by Kira Willey

This music video showcases Kira Willeys song "Dance for the Sun," one of 13 original songs from Kiras CD, Dance for the Sun: Yoga Songs for Kids, which has…

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  1. Jeannette Fluitsma

    Love this sun salutation song! 

  2. Moonwalker Holly

    I had the privileged to meet Kira foe my 2 daughter’s 1st birthday at the
    zoo where I live. She sang "Happy Birthday" to my daughter. I’ll never
    forget it. She likes yoga like me =)

  3. Can kira willey comment

  4. I love kira willey why don’t they put this on the raido I’m 8

  5. BellyRubProductions

    @Limoslimoify She’s a children’s yoga teacher.

  6. BellyRubProductions

    @j0rdanian4life Wow, really? You fail.

  7. i always here this song when i am in yoga and we r doing the sun salutation

  8. this song is so inspiring.

  9. i luv these songs, i luv it even more that kids are singing and its so
    cuteee, the songs have relaxing lyrics, i love it

  10. If only adults could be like them.

  11. I like it a lot. It’s so cute… I think children love it. I do so too… =)

  12. das ist soooo süüüß. :) :”> *butschibuu* XD

  13. I don’t get it.

  14. cute :) – a nice idea

  15. actually this song comes from an album especially for childeren called
    ‘dance for the sun’ , hence the "cutesy"ness…. ‘colours’ is on the same
    album as it happens

  16. caterpillar is a really great song too

  17. SURYANAMASKARA! I do that. Warms me up before the crocodile walk (such good

  18. this is an amazing song and it is so relaxing adults should use this as
    well as kids the only thing that would make it better if sun was spelled
    son :)

  19. the kids are soooo cute!

  20. do u have this song on mp3? plz comment me if u do cuz i really like this
    song…. can’t find it on limewire =(. wow this is like the only vid for
    this song? thats pretty sad… thx for making it i love this song x]

  21. I was always discouraged to look directly at the sun. Nice song. But too
    cutesey to be a hit. Keep pushing that other song, "Colours", as it’s

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