Breath and Movement in Yoga Sun Salutations

Breath and Movement in Yoga Sun Salutations The foundation of the Ashtanga Yoga method is the coordination of breath with movement. Learn the basics of this fundamental concept …




Breath and Movement in Yoga Sun Salutations

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  1. Алексей Фамилия

    Позлравляю с 8 марта! )))

  2. This video was meant for beginners. If you have a specific question please send it to my contact form on my website and it will eventually get answered.

  3. I’m coming to teach at Moksha Yoga in Chicago for a weekend in June this summer :-)

  4. Are you moving to Chicago this summer?

  5. I never seen Yoga teacher with such a shining face like yours,you are amaizing.

  6. Moving to Ohio, no. Teaching/Visiting Ohio, for sure :-) Or come and find me in Chicago this summer.

  7. I think you are awesome and enjoy your videos. Ever consider moving to Ohio?

  8. This is a very important topic and I really wish you can focus on it with more videos. While your tips are excellent, this video was a little bit too basic. Is there any chance you can make a video of sun salutations A&B focused on breathing? For example the timing of the inhale during upward dog, or getting into warrior I with the first 1 inhale right after downward dog is something that takes a lot of practice for most people. Thanks a lot for keeping us company!

  9. This was very helpful for me. I do my sun salutations in the Sivananda style, so I lean as far back as I can in the second position. Once in a while, I get a little dizzy, and I think it was because I wasn’t able to get a full breath with my arms extended overhead. But when I created more "space for my neck" by converging my shoulder blades, it really did help. Thank you very much for this important lesson.

  10. Please wear a tunic or something, otherwise we have to watch the video twice to get the yoga stuff…

  11. When you engage the thighs, for example, the kneecap bone lifts instead of dropping

  12. Hello Kino,

    Thank you for sharing. You real amazing.
    I just want you to know you are able to teach yoga acrossing the world. I am from Hong Kong.
    Please keep going.
    Million of thanks. You are amazing by using social media.
    Great thanks.

  13. ?lets chill drink some tea and do some yogA you witit? im witit……..

  14. Kino– lookin better than ever.

  15. Hi,
    How old does one have to be to get the teacher certification for yoga?

  16. You are such a wonderful teacher. I am so grateful to have you as a part of my life every day!

  17. I don’t know a lot about yoga, but I love watching you, very graceful.

  18. vary helpful 😀

  19. thanks! u rock

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