Basic Sun Salutation with Kathryn Budig

Basic Sun Salutation with Kathryn Budig

A traditional instruction for Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskara A)



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  1. Madeleine Grayson

    you are so welcome. I’ve enjoyed sun salutes since I was in high school, they cover all the bases and I’ve even managed to do them when I’ve had back issues…slowly and gently, lol. just link each move to a long, deep breath so you stay relaxed and only do as much as you can while enjoying it and feeling good. Even just doing 3 to 5 as a start gets blood and lymph fluid moving. a little goes a long way. enjoy!

  2. thank you for your comments, this will help me. (Im not very flexible)

  3. idk if there are any nichiren buddhists out there…but you should try it while chanting"nam myoho renge kyo"…its great! promise

  4. marianguitarchick1

    abdominal/quad strength…I’m working on it but I just step back one leg at a time.

  5. Beautiful soft landings

  6. thank you*

  7. thank you*

  8. How do they all jump like that? T.T

  9. That was impressive. It looked like nothing for you. rock on

  10. she just flew 0:31-0:33

  11. rodrigoraulsuarez


  12. you will get used to it at first it was hard for me too

  13. so hard

  14. Madeleine Grayson

    To make a basic sun salutation approachable for beginners you can bend the knees as much as necessary for comfort on the way down, or even use your hands on the legs to walk yourself down if you have back issues. Also you can walk the feet forward from down-dog rather than hopping or floating, and you can do cobra pose in place of the deep backbending up-dog as well. Sun Salutes are marvelous for all levels. I hope this helps!

  15. So how many would you suggest beginners start out with on those?

  16. Wow you’re really Good, i am proud of you,,.. so continues

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