Baba Ramdev – Yoga Exercise – Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) – Yoga Health Fitness

Baba Ramdev – Yoga Exercise – Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) – Yoga Health Fitness

Watch a complete demonstration of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). It is one of the most popular and useful yoga practices. Its a combination of twelve asanas, which exercises the whole body in single stretch one by one.

Benefits Of Surya Namaskar :-

[1] Surya Namaskar is a complete body exercise. It keeps all internal organs, stomach, intestines, pancreas, spleen, heart and lungs, healthy and strong. Also muscles of external body parts, chest, shoulders, hands, thighs, legs becomes healthy and strong.

[2] It makes spine and waist flexible by removing disorders. It improves blood circulation in the body which removes skin diseases.

[3] Sun Salutation keeps the digestive system perfect. Mental and physical energy levels are balanced. It provides power to our soul and body, maintains mental peace, memory, power, strength. Reduces ageing of the body, hair fall and graying, keeps diseases away.

[4] Its also very useful for women to maintain beauty, keeping the body in shape by reducing extra fat and flat abdomen. Also, helps to cure menstrual irregularity and easy child birth. Click on to watch more Baba Ramdev Yoga videos and bring fitness and spirituality into your lives.



Baba Ramdev – Yoga Exercise – Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) – Yoga Health Fitness

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  1. Hi, have you heard about Cosmos Fat Loss? (Google it) You will learn about the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Cosmos Fat Loss, you will discover how to burn fat fast.

  2. thx for the observation :)

  3. hii, i am 23 years old. is this exercise useful for me or not ? please help.

  4. Humidity can work miracles. For the reason that the cilia still work, which allows for mucus circulation – this will help the sinus cavities to empty. To accomplish this, produce a tent using a towel over your head and inhale the vapourfrom the steaming water. Taking a warm shower for a short while might help the problem too. This ideally should be done on two occasions every day.

  5. i think commentator has mixed it up, otherwise in a video, baba ramdev himself is doing and explaining, that is correct

  6. For me, when I first started doing surya namaskara and my body started detoxing I aquired a couple of boils, a few spots and a cold. Future detoxing resulted in colds and less spots. I think the detoxing effects will be different for everyone depending on their lifestyle. I love surya namaskara, the health benefits greatly outweight the short term detoxing effects.

  7. ok please tell me why it isn;t a pleasant experience ??
    I am asking seriously …because Ive started doing surya namaskar
    I am little on over weight side and used to consume lot of junk food .Recently I have increased green vegetable content n my diet ….

  8. arnavkhushi raizada

    does this help in loosing weight???

  9. arnavkhushi raizada

    will the excercize work if we breathe normally???


  11. well, so many wrong steps and wrong breathing i can see. The posture no 5 is totally wrong. This guy don’t event know how to do that.

    watch out this, , correct postures

  12. you are right wrong translation

  13. will this exercise help me to do the Full Lotus pose?

  14. lol .. yes the translator made a minor mistake in his wording. .but don’t worry, just breathe naturally , don’t force anything.
    so when bending backwards, it’s only natural to breath in because your chest and lungs open up. bending forwards chest and lungs are compressed so naturally the air in your lungs will be pressed and pushed out.

  15. heels together bro!!!

  16. Dude…this is awesome! I did ten on day one and I’m totalled :) Nice vid Cheers!

  17. daily i drink water 1litre in morning
    how much time after drinking water
    can i start drinking water
    please any body reply me

  18. kisne paanch dislikes maara re jhandu

  19. – You are right, my teacher always said, bending foward=breath out. Bending Backwards=Breathe in. This applies to all yoga excercises

  20. nc01sadh is right . Watch "Important Facts on Surya Namaskar" right here !

  21. For people who are watcing these videos be mindful of the exhaling and inhaling phases during the exercises, these videos conflict the breathing phases compared to other videos. While doing yoga asanas, breathing techniques is very essential along with asanas and i find it problematic with what the translator is saying in regarding to breathing techniques. You should inhale while bending backwards and exhale while bending forwards. If i am wrong plz double check with other videos.

  22. good exercise….. 

  23. You detox, well at least I do, every time I start up a regimen of surya namaskar. I start up doing nine daily, then move onto 12, 6 surya namaskar then 6 chandra namskar, I do this for 30 days, In that time my body starts to clear out the toxins, not a pleasant experience, also during that time, waist slims down, and general strength increases, I also sleep better.


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