Ashtanga Yoga, The Sun Salutation – A

Ashtanga Yoga, The Sun Salutation – A Esther shows us a very dynamic Sun Salutation according the Ashtanga principles. Sun Salutation A is used as warm up before you start your yoga routine. This short Yoga flow is a lovely way to start your day.

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Ashtanga Yoga, The Sun Salutation – A

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  1. I love your yoga videos! You are the reason I know have a daily routine of doing yoga in the mornings and in the evenings :) Your videos are great! You are a great teacher and you have a very soothing voice! Thank you for making these :)

  2. rosario siyangco

    Thank You, Esther :-)

  3. FireStormofLight

    OMG I did too. Though I just remembered two seconds ago ^.^

  4. I agree, Esther is the best yoga teacher. I have recommended her to many people.

  5. Isn´t Esther the great???!!!!
    Follow me on twitter
    Thank´s a lot

  6. thank you good

  7. You have the best yoga videos. I would recommend them to everyone :)

  8. Have a look at my ‘yoga for beginners’, pt 1 is easy enough.
    Let me know how you get on !

  9. Wow you are really flexible. If I wanted to start doing some yoga what would you recommend I start with?

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