Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskara B with Kino MacGregor

Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskara B with Kino MacGregor The Sun Salutation is the foundational movement of the Ashtnaga Yoga method. Performed at the beginning of each practice this flowing series is meant to awaken the inner fire, agni, of purification and is also a salutation to the solar fire.

At first the fire of purification burns through impurities and then after years of practice it transforms into the fire of awakening itself. In this clip extracted from Kinos new DVD to be released soon you will see a demonstration of the Sun Salutation B or Surya Namaskara B of the Ashtanga Yoga Series.

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Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskara B with Kino MacGregor

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  1. Lissette Rodriguez

    omg how did you hop up like that without toppeling over!!! Ill bet its all in the abs isnt it lol.

  2. Thank you. :)

  3. You can do either, depending on how strong your shoulders are.

  4. Hi Kino, at minute 0:22 , did you jump directly into 1) Chaturanga or 2) Plank, then Chaturanga ? Thank you. :)

  5. Thanks Kino, I will try take an extra breath. Defo going to look into the Udemy course, looking forward to seeing you at the London Workshop!! Namaste

  6. Or, of course, if need be you can take an extra breath. Check out my course on Udemy because I break down Surya B there.

  7. Thanks lots for this main struggle with Surya B is alway timing the breath with the movements. There are quite a lot of movements to B and I always find my breath is not always deep enough to complete all the movements for a single inhale/exhale…so I end up taking extra breaths or holding my breath. I guess I should either speed up the movements to match my breathing rate or try to extend my breath. Thanks again for all your awesome videos!

  8. Thank you! It’s under this title: Floating Forward and Back in the Surya Namaskara

  9. Thank you! It’s under this title: Floating Forward and Back in the Surya Namaskara

  10. Favorite! Always come back to this video for reference. I’m having trouble finding your video that breaks down forward bend jump back into Chattarunga. I’ll search jump back. Thank you kino for your dedication to sharing the gift of ash tanga with the world . Namaste

  11. Lol, I know 😛 I just would like to know if I would be able to do it like that after years of practice as well XD Something tells me I wouldn’t =/

  12. You are humble, why I enjoy listening to your videos. I know a few great yogis, but as you present yourself on this youtube, you set a standard. We can settle on that then :)

  13. Thank you, that is so sweet of you, but there are so many truly amazing yoga practitioners especially Sharath whose practice is far more advanced than mine. If you go to Mysore one day you will so many awesome practitioners that it is humbling.

  14. It is fair to say Kino, that you are the standard for ashtanga yoga practice. I bow respectfully to your dedication.

  15. Thank you! Hope you’re inspired to practice :-)

  16. Woooow this is the best flow and body movemen i’ve seen for the sun salutaion. It’s amazing how clean and graceful you perform it :) Bravo Kino, greetings from Bulgaria :)

  17. This is from my Third Series DVD.

  18. Madeleine Grayson

    Kino which DVD is this? when browsing your online shop none of the covers have you in the same setting or outfit so I wasn’t sure which one this was?

  19. Madeleine Grayson

    honestly, yoginis have the most beautiful bodies, in my opinion; the strength and grace acquired after years of dedicated practice…it’s nothing short of a work of art and so inspiring! where’s my mat?!

  20. You are an inspiration!

  21. Many years of practice!!!

  22. She makes it look so easy!! XD

  23. Just watching this gets my prana engaged. two words. liquid fire. thank you for sharing.

  24. It’s out now

  25. Kino- I Just discovered you while browsing Ashtanga DVDs for an at home practice. I really like your style, the best of all available videos I’ve seen…. but you move so fast!!!  Perhaps its not your style to move just a tad bit slower, though id love to buy your video if you did. My body needs to take a long full breath to properly stretch it out at this point in my practice. Your Yoga is so Graceful!!

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