ASHTANGA YOGA, SUN SALUTATION-B Here is a Asthanga version of the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, a very popular Yoga flow to warm up the body before your Yoga r…





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  1. Jumping is a trademark of ashtanga is it not?

  2. hahaha you never get any really good videos on here. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty check this out bit.lyVYm6C2

  3. Just a ,matter of time. I started off as stiff as a piece of plywood, but now can almost put my hands flat on the floor with my legs straight 😀
    Just keep your legs straight and lower yourself down on the exhale to your limit,and push a bit beyond slowly. you should see gradual improvement :)

  4. Hi Esther, could you please make a video explaining to us the general diff between ashtanga, yin, n other diff yoga teachings, and the benefits. If possible show us a few diff poses between them, Thx for all your videos and your great energy :)

  5. Nice sequence but I would suggest that when you go from cobra to downdog, roll on your toes rather than jumping one foot and than the other. It makes for a much smoother transition plus it is really good for the toes.

  6. Amanda Rodriguez

    wow man chill take a deep breath where is all the hate coming from. find some love in your heart.

  7. Thank you! 😀

  8. With Cobra you lie with the whole body on the floor, you lift your chest and head of the floor, pubic bone and legs stay on the floor. Upward facing dog you only rest on the top of the feet and hands. So legs and hips lift off the floor.

  9. Can anyone please tell me the difference between upward facing dog and cobra? Thanks!

  10. Hi esther, Love your channel. Clear straight foward instructions.
    I was wondering if you could do the sun salutations a, b, c and d (one for each video) 5 or more times in a row reciting the inhalations and exhalations as i am struggling to get the hang of it! I have to stop when u stop and replay the vid which then cools my body
    Many Thanks!

  11. Hi Esther,I’ve just started doing yoga with you and I feel more relaxed.When I go down with exhale,and put my hands on the floor,I can’t keep my legs straight,need to bend them,otherwise can’t reach the floor with my hands.How long do I have to train to reach floor with straight legs?Or is just matter of time or stretching?

  12. MotivatedFitness1

    Is yoga something that can be practiced every day?

  13. esther i really admire your yoga just coz u have these simple yet powerful steps, for yoga which i dont find in many videos, i always search for diff videos , n finally just end up following yours..

  14. Esther, been practicing yoga for about 10 years, have always avoided Ashtanga cause it didn’t appeal to me, but you might just convince me yet to give it a try. I guess I can always slow and meditate more!!

  15. Hello Esther,
    I have just started with Yoga this past 3 days, and have seen a tremendous change in my strength. I feel more relaxed.
    I would definitely keep up with learning yoga and watching your videos.


    Eneida G.

  16. thanks esther:your videos are superb.However I wish to ask you if I need to have some supervision..Do you have any advice for people with pot belly before doing suryasana

  17. this done 5 times = tough workout

  18. Thank you Esther.

  19. Absolutely, I personally like to build it up that way, but no need for it!

  20. pnkpantherpolizzi

    Can we skip the cobra and just do an upward dog the first time?

  21. Thank you :)

  22. thanks for everything!

  23. try to do it when you are in bad mood, and then focus how you can control the body and the feelings  as well of bad mood.

  24. Thank you, Esther!
    — Jenny

  25. thank you!!!

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