Ashtanga Yoga Poses: Sun Salutation A

Ashtanga Yoga Poses: Sun Salutation A – Stretching Exercises Made Easy. Double your flexibility in 28 days with YOGABODYs Flexibility Kit. Yoga teacher reveals stretching secrets in a free, 7-day email course.

Stretching exercises free videos and tips YOGABODY founder, Lucas Rockwood, demontrates Sun Salutation A from the Ashtanga-Vinyasa & Power Yoga schools. The breath is meant to synchronize with the movement so that entire practice is like one long breathing exercises.

Inhales are expansive, strong breathes while exhales are relaxing and opening. Flexibility exercises are an important component of any holistic health program.



Ashtanga Yoga Poses: Sun Salutation A

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  1. alright now he is mine..hehe :)))))))))))))))

  2. Nice quick review, thank you.

  3. Thanks for the video, I was looking for this, but I could only find crap.

  4. bellybutton = navel. unless you’re in the navy.

  5. What a total hottie! A great instructor and athlete also…

  6. Good vid. I like how you explain the techniques with a voice over rather than trying to explain it while doing the poses.

  7. Thank you.

  8. I did yoga for about a year many moons ago. Seriously the most difficult physical activity I’ve ever done. After years of hard resistance type exercise, learning to relax like this is exceptionally challenging. This guy makes it look ridiculously easy. Great for everyday relaxation though. Did my bad back wonders.

  9. I truly thought Yoga wasn’t for me. I actually started it with the P90X program and I have a different viewpoint of Yoga now. I LOVE doing it. Almost as much as I love lifting or even the cardio routines that come with the program. These are good tips thanks alot.

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