A Fun Sun Salutation, Yoga Warm up with Aki Omori

A Fun Sun Salutation, Yoga Warm up with Aki Omori

www.EkhartYoga.com Warm up before you start your Yoga practice is very important. Aki Omori shows us a fun Sun Salutation to start your yoga routine.

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A Fun Sun Salutation, Yoga Warm up with Aki Omori

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  1. Great warm up; I’m a big fan of Esther’s but I do think it’d be a plus if Aki is presented in more Yogatic videos.

  2. My name is Aki, too!

  3. Cronicile Elizei

    i like it! it makes me feel good!

  4. thank you Aki, you are wonderfull, I feel with you like i feel so good and sogt with Madame Ekchart. beautifull viniyasa:).

  5. Used this as a warm up, very nice and gentle. And Aki is such a lovely teacher :-)

  6. love it!

  7. Thanks Aki!

  8. Beautiful, so simple and wonderful. Aki Omori is also pretty and beautiful, just saying. I enjoyed your lesson. Thank you. :)

  9. Yes downward facing dog is good for that, build it up slowly, keep your shoulders down along the back, roll the upper arms out, arms really strong and spine long (bum up in the air) even if it means bending the knees, then work up to holding the pose for a minute..

  10. Jennifer Deviren

    what a beautiful sequence.  thank you. namaste.


  12. I tried it! Felt sooooo goooood…. And very peaceful.

  13. paulapaularaejohnson

    your awesome and i loved your routine!!!  namaste!!!!!

  14. I an looking for a pose to strengthen the upper back and neck(shoulder). Is Downward dog a good one?

  15. Thanks Aki! :)

  16. First practice with Aki, enjoyed very much your sequence. Thank you!

  17. EternalLoveToMusic

    Great video, thank you :)

  18. Wow! Very relaxing, thanks a lot!

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