3 Minute Yoga – Sun Salutation B with Kino

3 Minute Yoga – Sun Salutation B with Kino

http:www.kinoyoga.com I shot this video in my actualy practice between my yoga workshop sessions in Berlin. The building is so beautiful, part of a church …




3 Minute Yoga – Sun Salutation B with Kino

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  1. Check out my other videos on the bandhas to under the pelvic floor and my other videos on solid foundation in the upper body for a strong shoulder girdle.

  2. Kino, your videos are fantastic. I hope I can come and do one of your workshops one day. What do you mean by the terms "shoulder girdle" and "floor of the pelvis"? Thanks

  3. Yes, I will definitely be in Paris this summer :-)

  4. I came across with ur videos on myyogaonline and I’ve been following ever since. You are a true inspiration for me. Thank you so much =) I watched many ashtanga videos but yours are the best they are very detailed and easy to understand. Are you planning to vist Paris for a workshop this Summer? Thank you Kino =)

  5. me encanta tus asanas pare podrias poner un video que me ayude a que mis brazos tengan mas fuerza para cargarme.

    soy lactovegetariana como obtengo la keratina???

    por tu tiempo y magnifico video gracias Dios te bendiga

  6. thanks, if it’s not too much to ask, what postures/movements should a novice first practice? if you post, i will practice! t

  7. I’ll make a slower, more beginner version soon :-)

  8. Yes, counting in Sanskrit is the traditional way of teaching Ashtanga Yoga

  9. I will make one!

  10. Just Ashtanga Yoga

  11. I’d like to :-)

  12. Kino you should make a mobile app

  13. I just like the tone of Kino’s voice. Its very soothing

  14. I love your "jump" forward and back…so light and smooth…

  15. I wonder if she ever studied martial arts? I think she has beautiful legs.

  16. looks pretty advanced, do you have a vid of sun salutation for beginners?

  17. I am absolutely in love with your clear, constant instruction. Would love a translation of the words you were using! Were you counting in Sanskrit?

  18. Awesome Kino! Loved this full routine style of video. Love all your videos. But please do more this way.

  19. lordmemnochthedevil

    Awesome vid, do you have a little slower version of this routine? :-)

  20. Nice posture and legs :-)

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